Resident Info - Education
Students in Ashern and the R. M. of Siglunes attend Ashern Early Years and Ashern Central School. The Ashern Schools belong to Lakeshore School Division. Lakeshore also operates facilities in Moosehorn, Eriksdale, Lundar, Fisher Branch and Inwood. The trustees sitting on the School Board are representative of all areas in the division.
For information regarding the Division please contact:
Amber Monk, Admin. Secretary
Lakeshore School Division
Eriksdale, Manitoba R0C 0W0
Phone: 204-739-2101
The Ashern Central School and Ashern Early Years School are both modern facilities. Ashern Central operates on a quarter system time table; offering two courses for ten weeks for four terms.

Ashern Central is equipped with a large auto mechanics department as well as a large industrial arts department. The sports program is excellent and has produced some very promising athletes. The schools offer kindergarten and Grades 1 through 12 with an enrollment of approximately 389.

High school students may choose between Business, University Entrance and Vocational Education programs.
Vocational Programs are available through the collegiate in business and automotive. The school also offers a band program throughout middle and senior years.

Fieldstone Ventures Education & Training Centre offers entrepreneurship/business courses, computer software training, business seminars and workshops, professional development, business counselling and job search skills and customized training to high school students and the public at large. The facility is located in the TBJ Mall on Main Street and offers the flexibility of day and evening courses.
The closest universities and technical schools are located in Winnipeg which is 170 km southeast. Red River Community College/Interlake Regional Centre offer courses on a requested basis.
The Siglunes Library is located on Main Street in the TBJ Mall in Ashern. Hours are: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 1 - 6 p.m.
Child Care services for children 3 months to 12 years old available by the Ashern Daycare Co-op Inc, located 2 Main Street East.