Profile - Agriculture
Agriculture and its related businesses continue to be the major economic force in the Northwestern Interlake. The relatively low land prices, the ability of this land to produce high quality forage crops, the abundance of clean water and stable cattle prices have combined to make this area one of the best beef producing areas in the country. The major products produced in this region are agricultural products, specifically grain, hay, forage seed, livestock and PMU (Pregnant Mares Urine).
The production of cattle is perhaps the most important agricultural sector in the Northwest Interlake. Cattle farmers in the R. M. of Siglunes Agriculture District managed approximately 27,384 cattle in 2012.
The majority of cattle produced locally are feeder cattle and are purchased by feedlots in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario and the United States.
The R. M. of Siglunes reported $11,869,731 in Farm Cash Receipts in 2006. The following table lists the acreage for grain/feed crops in the R.M.

R.M. of Siglunes Agriculture District (2006) Production







Hay / Tame and Fodder Crops


Hay / Alfalfa and Alfalfa Mixtures


Source: Statistics Canada, 2006

Seed Products
Forage seed including alfalfa, timothy and birdsfoot trefoil (pasture and grassing land) are produced in the region. In fact over 45% of the forage seed produced in Manitoba is produced in the Interlake Region.
The actual volume of seed produced in the area is increasing annually and this particular market segment is seen as a major growth sector in terms of potential for expansion.