Profile - Housing
At the present time there are several single family homes available for sale in the Ashern area. Many of these are available for rent, and in some cases rental purchase arrangements can be made.
There is a large mobile home park in Ashern, which offers a complete service package at a very reasonable price. Another attractive alternative in this region would be acreage property of which there are several available, and are reasonably priced.
Senior Housing -- Glencora Estates: This apartment complex is named after the castle that was built by the Stark family east of Ashern. It refers to the Stark's home in Scotland. Glencora Estates is a 20 unit seniors apartment. There is an initial entrance fee of $10,000 for which the tenant is issued Class 1 preferred shares. The complex is geared to seniors 55 years or older. 
Dwelling Characteristics  
By Type of Dwelling
Total Number of Occupied Dwellings By Tenure   Total number of dwellings 630
Total Number of Private Dwellings 630   Number of owned dwellings 450
1 Person Household 210  
Number of rented dwellings
2 Person Households 245  
Number of dwellings constructed before 1991
3 or more persons
  Number of dwellings constructed between 1991 - 2001
other household types
105   Source: Statistics Canada, 2006
Source: Statistics Canada, 2006