Profile - Energy
Hydro / Electric: Manitoba hydro has a district office in Ashern and provides full service to the Ashern region. Ample capacity is available for both residential and commercial uses. This is the primary means of space heating in the region although wood has always been a popular supplementary source.

Hydro Rates: Basic residential rate (up to 200 amp service) is $6.85. Exceeding 200 amp $13.70, plus energy charge of 6.62 cents/kWh. General Service, Medium (non-residential): Basic charge of $27.60/month. 6.96 cents for first 11,000 kWh, 4.84 cents for next 8,500 kWh and 3.15 cents for balance.

Natural Gas/Propane: Natural gas is not available in this part of the Interlake. Propane is available in bulk and is used by a number of high energy consumers.

Fuel / Heating Oil: Available from the Esso Dealer in Ashern.