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RM of West Interlake
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Municipal Services
Ashern, Manitoba
Box 582  R0C 0E0
Email: info@ashern.ca
Local Services - Municipal Services
Fire: Ashern Fire Department is a large well-equipped volunteer fire department with 23 volunteer fire fighters.
Police: RCMP Ashern Detachment is staffed by one corporal and four constables. Ashern shares the Lundar detachment’s sergeant.
Ambulance: Lakeshore District Ambulance governed by the Interlake Regional Health Authority.
Refuse Collection: Municipal collection on a daily basis in the town of Ashern. Individual responsibility in the rural areas.
Please contact the RM of West Interlake at the address below if you require additional information:
The Rural Municipality of West Interlake
Box 370, 38 Main Street
Ashern, Manitoba R0C 0E0
Phone: 204-768-2641
Fax: 204-768-2301