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                            Sasha Bergner Carter - World Curling Champion

My introduction to curling, like so many others who grew up in small towns on the Prairies, was via my family. Although neither of my parents were very serious curlers, I had other family members who did play and of course, we all watched the national events when they were on television.

I “competed” in my first competition when I was just 7 years old. To use the term “competition” is a bit of a stretch…it was Ashern and area’s annual 4-H bonspiel. Although I was too young, they allowed me to be on a team. My Mom dressed me up in my snowsuit, snow pants, hat, scarf and mitts and off I went, putting two feet in the hack each time and pushing that granite rock as hard as I could. I can’t imagine I did much in the way of sweeping – likely just walked up and down the sheet in my full on snow gear, talking to people.

At that point in my life, I had been spending a great deal of time figure skating. However, after winning the B event with my 4-H team, getting our picture taken for the Interlake Spectator (**note that I played lead), I made the very wise and slightly delusional comment to my Mom, “I may not be a very good figure skater, but I sure am a good curler!” Years later, Mom shared with me the fact that not ONE of my rocks made it over the far hog line.

I spent the bulk of my junior career curling with Tracy and Laurel Konzelman and my sister Tara. I remember winning our first zones to go off to junior provincials and being sooo excited because it meant we got a banner, which would be hung in the Ashern curling club. We felt like rock stars. We had a lot of success together, winning the 1990 High School championships and always playing well at provincials, but we were never able to win the province.

In 1992, I joined forces with players from Winnipeg. Eventually, in 1995, my very last year of junior eligibility, my team of Kelly Mackenzie, Joanne Fillion and Carlene Muth won the Manitoba Provincials. From there, we won the Canadian Championships that were held in Regina, and a few weeks later, defeated Sweden for the World Junior Women's Title.

After a break from competitive play to travel and finish university, I moved to British Columbia where I joined up with Kelly Scott (nee Mackenzie), Jeanna Schraeder and Renee Simons. We had the most incredible years together, losing some very heart breaking games – probably none more difficult to this day than the 10th end loss of the 2005 Olympic Trials. However, we also had many fabulous victories. The highest profile victories would be the back-to-back National Titles of 2006 and 2007, and of course, the pinnacle of winning Women's Worlds in 2007.

Over the following years, I have had a few different (and all very special) team members, and other things in life began to take over – my career and spending time with my young family became greater priorities for me. Curling has had to be put on the back burner.

I have loved all the experiences curling has brought to me…and it all started in the fabulous four sheeter in Ashern. Going over at lunch hours in junior high, traveling to other small towns to compete, playing in the Tuesday night Ashern ladies league with my parents allowing me to stay up late, and chauffeur me from rink to rink.
You never know where a sport may take you, and as I went through my competitive years, my appreciation for everything I learned from my community of Ashern grew stronger and stronger. I am ridiculously proud to call Ashern my hometown. I couldn’t have chosen a better place to grow up!

Hurry Hard!

Sasha Bergner Carter

Sasha's Curling accomplishments

1995 Junior Women's World Curling Champion, Team Canada   (Perth, Scotland)
2005 Canadian Scotties Tournament of Hearts Bronze Medallist, Team British Columbia (B.C.)
2005 Olympic Trials Silver Medallist
2006 World Women's Bronze Medallist, Team Canada   (Grande Prairie, Canada)
2007 World Women's Curling Champion, Team Canada   (Aomori, Japan)
2012 Canadian Scotties Tournament of Hearts Silver Medallist,
Team B.C
2012 Canadian Scotties Tournament of Hearts “Shot of the Week” Recipient
2013 Canadian Scotties Tournament of Hearts Bronze Medallist, Team B.C.
2013 Canadian Scotties Tournament of Hearts Sportsmanship Award

Four Time National Tournament of Hearts All-Star Second
Six time BC Women's Champion
Inducted into the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame and the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame
             Sasha was born on  July 20, 1974                                       Worlds - 2007