Resident Info - Famous people - A.S. Hern
In 1911, the Canadian Northern Railway was expanding north
from Lundar, Manitoba.
On their agenda for a whistle stop was a farm owned by the Dodd family. On the first design, this was designated as Dodd's Siding. As plans developed this siding was renamed 7th Siding, being this was the 7th siding from Lundar.

On the work crew there were two brothers from Togo, Saskatchewan, originally from Hamiota, Manitoba. The brothers were Samuel and Sidney Archie Hern. No one is sure what Samuel did for the railway, but Sidney was a timekeeper.

From here, the history is not known. Some believe that mail would be handed out from a temporary location, like a train car. The Post Master would call out the name and you would collect your mail. The Post Master would use the initial and last name e.g. S. Hern. Samuel and Sidney were at different locations along the rail line, and when mail was handed out, the brothers' mail would be mixed up.

As Sidney was the timekeeper, this would create a delay in his duties. Some people think that it was at this point Sidney decided the easy way to fix the problem was to reverse his name and go by Archie Sydney Hern, thus becoming A.S. Hern (Ashern).

It was probably at the next mail run the Post Master called out Ashern and the name stuck. As time went on, a boss at headquarters saw the name and assumed this was the correct name of the siding.

Thus, the name Ashern became the official name for the new siding and future town.